Tuesday, June 09, 2009

North Korea threatens use of nukes

According to the Associated Press, "North Korea today said it would use nuclear weapons in a 'merciless offensive' if provoked."

And while North Korea seems very close to developing the technology to deliver these nuclear weapons to Hawaii, Anchorage or Seattle, the Obama administration responds with more of the same old tired rhetoric which North Korea has already mocked.

This is the same North Korea, by the way, which assured the Clinton administration that they only wanted nuclear power for energy purposes! So President Clinton gave them nuclear technology!

Just like Iran only wants nuclear power for energy purposes! So in his Cairo speech, Barack Obama proclaimed that Iran has a legitimate need for nuclear energy--even though Iran sits on an oil field! (By the way, why does Obama think Iran has a legitimate need for nuclear energy but America doesn't)?

The Democrats are so naive they are more dangerous to our national security than our enemies abroad.

Between North Korea's renunciation of the cease-fire and their threat to use nuclear weapons, this seems to me to be tantamout to a declaration of war.

Do we wait until there is a mushroom cloud over Seattle before we destroy North Korea's nuclear capability?

North Korea has mocked our sanctions and negotiations so do we honestly think that our rhetoric make the problem go away? (Democrat response: yes).

What happens when North Korea/Iran have the technology to deliver their nuclear weapons to the United States/Israel/Europe? What then?


Jason said...

What then? World War III. While I agree that North Korea needs to be stopped before they slaughter millions, our retaliation would be far more brutal if we foolishly aloud them to continue (which it seems will be the case). Any aggression against the States would unleash an all out onslaught, especially if it was nuclear. We have more nukes than any country, plus with Israel, Europe, etc...they aren't all weaklings. North Korea would be going up against a pretty radical force, especially if we retaliated with nukes ourselves.

I think the problem here is more of prevention than who would win a war with North Korea. And in that Obama is failing.

Dennis said...

I agree, but how do you prevent North Korea from pressing forward?
We've been sanctioning and negotiation with North Korea for years and they just mock our efforts while they continue to arm and threaten.

I know nothing about foreign policy but it seems to me that we should be threatening to give nuclear capability to Japan, Taiwan and South Korea if China doesn't put an immediate stop to the North Korean problem.

And while that negotiation is going on, we should be moving our fleets into the region in preparation for all out war if necessary.

I realize that this is a TERRIBLE option, but once North Korea has the capability of hitting Seattle, killing a million people and unleashing an electromagnetic pulse that could cripple the entire Pacific Northwest if not the entire West coast, the only remaining options become exponentially more terrible.