Wednesday, June 10, 2009

None dare call it scandal

Newt Gingrich has just written a bombshell of an article in Human Events. I've summarized the big idea below:

In 1921, an oil tycoon “gave several prize head of cattle and around $269,000 to President Harding’s Secretary of the Interior. “In return, Sinclair got the exclusive rights to drill in an oil field in Wyoming.”

This became known as the Teapot Dome scandal, “the most notorious example of political corruption in America prior to Watergate.”

“Between 2000 and 2008, the United Auto Workers (UAW) union” gave 23.7 million dollars to Democrats, including Barack Obama. “In return, the UAW received 55 percent of Chrysler and 17.5 percent of GM, plus billions of dollars.”

Mr. Gingrich adds:
In a rigged proceeding in which the federal government disregarded bankruptcy law in favor of the political outcome it desired, the Chrysler bankruptcy laid the predicate for the much larger General Motors bankruptcy to come. Against law and precedent, the unions were moved to the front of the line when it came to who would benefit from the bankruptcy.
Mr. Gingrich says, “But nobody’s calling this a scandal. It’s time we start.”

I agree. I just heard an interview with a Chrysler dealer whose dealership is being forced to close even though he is making a profit. He said he knows of Chrysler dealerships which get to remain open even though they are losing money. There are also rumors that a significant proportion of the dealerships being forced to close were donors to the Republican Party.

This absolutely must be investigated. If the Obama administration can get away with this, they can get away with anything. If feels like are losing America before our very eyes!

Please read Gingrich’s entire article and pass it on to others.

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