Monday, June 01, 2009

The Left and the death of Tiller

Muslim radical have killed tens-of-thousands of people in the last 20 years. Yet those on the Left bend over backwards to defend Muslims, saying that the radicals are only a tiny percentage of Islam.

Pro-life radicals have killed exactly 5 abortion doctors in America; no, not 5,000, or 500...... f-i-v-e! And yet the Left wants to use the death of Tiller to paint the entire pro-life movement with the same brush.


Jason said...

It is pretty amazing. I've been discussing with liberals on other boards about this and they are dead set on painting EVERYONE on the right as radical anti-abortionists killers as this lone gunman. Even when I compared their thoughts to someone saying all Muslims are terrorists, they still didn't care. It's incredible.

Jason said...

One guy tried to actually argue that only the RIGHT creates violent people and that the left are full of unicorns and faeries. Frankly, I almost vomited in my mouth a bit when he would not concede that the left have created just as many monsters if not more and that regardless his point is moot because you can't blame an entire people group off of one man's actions.