Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Blame for the killing of George Tiller

Numerous Leftists are blaming Right pundits for the death of George Tiller. The Left apparently believes that when the pro-life advocates argue against the killing of innocent unborn babies, that leads directly to violence. It doesn't matter to the Left that pro-life groups have condemned the killing.

The Left doesn't seem to make that same connection, however, when it comes to the killing of an innocent recruiter. Yesterday, a convert to Islam shot and killed a military recruiter in Arkansas. The murderer said he did it because of what the U.S. military had done to Muslims in the past (I guess Muslim attacks on the Twin Towers, Khobar Towers, the marine barracks in Lebanon and numerous other slaughters were OK with him).

It could be argued that all the the rabid, vitriolic Left wing rhetoric against against the war in Iraq, Gitmo, and the U.S. military in general, influenced the murderer and led directly to the killing of this recruiter.

Of course Leftists don't make that connection because they are really not interested in logic, consistency or truth (indeed, many of them don't even believe in truth). They just want to destroy their opponents.

The fact is that neither the Left nor the Right are guilty of these murders. Those who committed the murders carry the guilt alone.

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