Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sonia Sotomayer and policy decisions

The Supreme Court debate is about justices who believe justices who believe in interpreting and applying the Constitution as it stands vs. justices who believe the Constitution is a living, breathing document that changes as the culture changes.

When the Constitution is interpreted as a living, breathing document that can change as culture changes, the Constitution becomes not much more than a worthless piece of paper in the hands of justices who see it as their duty to make policy decisions. In the hands of such justices, "freedom of religion" could easily be re-interpreted as "freedom from religion," just like freedom of speech and freedom of religion have been re-interpreted by the courts to mean that absolutely no religious speech or influence is to be allowed in public schools (except, in some cases, for Islam).

It is not the job of the courts to make "policy decisions." It is the people, through our elected representatives in Congress who make U.S. laws and policies.

In an interview, Obama Supreme Court appointee Sonia Sotomayer made it abundantly clear where she stands on this issue. When Ms. Sotomayer wins the nomination--which she will, thanks to all the Christians who voted for Obama--we will be one step closer to losing our freedom in America.

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