Wednesday, May 27, 2009

San Diego Bible Study forbidden

According to a report on OneNewsNow, Pastor David Jones in San Diego County got a visit from his county government. According to Pastor Jones:
Well, on Good Friday we had an employee of San Diego County come to our house and inform us that the Bible study that we were having was a religious assembly and in violation of the code in the county.
And all this time I though San Diego was part of America. I didn't realize it was part of the old Soviet Union.

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Jason said...

How did they even know that they were conducting a Bible Study? Regardless, any kind of removal of rights provided by our constitution should be punishable to the highest extent. This family should sue the county for all they are worth! OK, not really, but seriously. If we are going to uphold our constitutional rights, there needs to be harsh punishment for their removal by ANYONE.