Wednesday, May 27, 2009

An offensive display

Debbie McLucas is a hospital supervisor in Texas. After she recently put up a display, another supervisor (originally from another country) and some patients complained because they found the display offensive. The other supervisor took Debbie's display down and the hospital will apparently require that it stay down.

What was this terrible, offensive display?

It was the American flag.

If this other supervisor finds our flag so offensive, perhaps she should return to the country from which she came.


Jason said...

They day the Stars and Stripes is considered offensive and taken down is the day America is completely lost.

professor ed said...

I wonder if Nurse McLucas could sue for violation of her freedom of speech? These individuals were "offended" by our nation's flag. But our Nurse/Supervisor likewise takes umbridge at having the flag removed. Why should one party's "hurt" be considered more important than the other party's "hurt". In my opinion political correctness is nothing more than tyranny of the minority over the majority.