Thursday, May 21, 2009

Obama administration and union corruption

According to an op ed piece in the Wall Street Journal by former Secretary of Labor, Elaine Chao,
From 2001-2008, the Labor Department secured more than 1,000 union fraud-related indictments and 929 convictions.
Nevertheless, regardless of such egregious union criminal fraud,
Within days of the inauguration, the new leadership at the Labor Department moved to delay implementing a regulation finalized in January that would have shed much needed light on how union managers compensate themselves with union dues.
Not only that but the new Obama Labor department announced that it "would not enforce compliance with the conflict-of-interest disclosure form (the "LM-30" form) that was revised in 2007."

Then, in responce to declining union membership, the Democrats are pushing the Orwellian-titled "Employee Free Choice Act" which would take away the rights of union members to a secret ballot, putting union members in danger of intimidation and even violence if they don't vote the way union bosses want.

When will we just call corruption by its name? Maybe a better question is, when will union members realize that Democratic politicians are not their friends? Democratic politicians are much more interested in the financial and political benefits they can get from union bosses than they are in helping the average worker.

Read the entire excellent article in the Wall Street Journal.

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