Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Acorn fraud comes to light

Recently the Wall Street Journal published an outstanding article on fraud in Acorn. This is another one of those, "if you only read one article today, read this one"!

Some excerpts appear below:
On Monday, Nevada officials charged Acorn, its regional director and its Las Vegas field director with submitting thousands of fraudulent voter registration forms last year. Larry Lomax, the registrar of voters in Las Vegas, says he believes 48% of Acorn's forms "are clearly fraudulent." On Thursday, prosecutors in Pittsburgh, Pa., also charged seven Acorn employees with filing hundreds of fraudulent voter registrations before last year's general election.

Fred Voight, deputy election commissioner in Philadelphia, protested after Acorn (according to the registrar of voters and his own investigation) submitted at least 1,500 fraudulent registrations last fall. "This has been going on for a number of years," he told CNN in October.

Elsewhere, Washington state prosecutors fined Acorn $25,000 after several employees were convicted of voter registration fraud in 2007.
According to Marcel Reid, one of seven Acorn whistleblowers, "Acorn has been hijacked by a power-hungry clique that has its own political and personal agendas". Anita MonCrief, another Acorn whistleblower warns that "the problems run deep."

President Obama's connection to Acorn is well known. What is not so well known is that in spite of all these, and other legal problems, "Acorn was selected in March to assist the U.S. Census in reaching out to minority communities and recruiting census enumerators for the count next year."

The census count, of course, is used to determine the number of U.S. congressional representatives for each state.

All of this really needs very serious and thorough investigation. It gives the appearance that future elections are about to be rigged and our country is in the process of being overthrown right before our eyes.

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