Sunday, May 31, 2009

George Tiller murdered

A prominent abortion doctor has been shot and killed in Kansas.

Some radical, pseudo-pro-life murderer has just done more to hurt the pro-life movement than all the pro-choice advocates put together--just when the pro-life position was starting to gain ground, some sicko sets us back 20 years!

When they catch the perpetrator, prosecutors should seek the death penalty.


professor ed said...

I used to be VERY pro death penalty. But I have begun to modify my stance somewhat. If this poor excuse for a thinking human being were sentenced to life in prison without parole, he would have plenty of time to cogitate on his life altering action.

Phil said...

And all on the tax payer dollar too! Why not? Why not send him to three hots and a cot (more than SOME Americans have now). Give him free access to what amounts to a fitness club (albeit not ALWAYS a well kept one, just depending on state of federal prison and than depending on which state). Allow him the opportunity to have a free college degree (which some of us are tens of thousands of dollars in debt for... still) even though with a life w/o parole sentence he won't even have use for such an education (but he can still get one). Let us provide him with the ability to go on a hunger strike (which amounts to WILFULLY refusing food) if he is upset about something and the officers and staff are required to bring him a bag lunch so he can still eat something (even though he chose to not go to the dining hall). Let's give him free TV, or in fact, free cable, free audio books, and his choice of radio stations containing the music of his choice in an uncencored (as in containing all the swearing and talk of killing the "pigs") format. Let's give him access to all the hobbies and crafts that most boy scouts would go crazy to have access too as well as musical instruments and other little "toys" for him to learn on, all on the backs of the tax payers. We can than give him access to a phone so he can constantly call his family and friends (but mostly family) and harass them incessently about how he was "just fighting Satan's minions" and complain to his family about how they're all going to hell, according to Matthew 25, because they haven't visited him that much and the Bible says that those who didn't visit people in prison will be turned away by Christ. Yes, let us place him in a location with other nut jobs, mostly who are in desperate need of someone to provide a motive and reason and purpose in life, so that he can proceed to try to incite these people to follow his beliefs and cause fights and violence in prison, all in the name of some psychotic, pig-ignorant, hate inspired ideal of pursuing justice in the name of God for the sake of Christ; that has no REAL basis in Christianity nor the Bible, I might add.

Yes, let us give him this, all on the backs of the tax payers, instead of making an example of his stupidity and bringing him to justice. Execute him.

Phil said...

and and and and!!! Let us allow him to file complaints about the officer every time the officer looks at him funny, thereby making life miserable for the officer and consuming hundreds to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, of course of tax payer money, to fund the proceedings for his whiny complaint which likely has no basis in reality.

I beg you... ask me what basis it is that I make this assessment of the prison system... please... I beg you....

The fact is, if he does get sentenced he'll likely get out in 6 years or so. That is all that many of the murderers, child molesters, and rapists get. In the mean time they'll take a first time drug offender and sentence him to rot for 25 years.