Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gaza and the two-state solution

The Egyptian government has discovered a massive weapons stockpile headed for Gaza. The Jerusalem Times reports:
An Egyptian official assessed that the 266 rockets, 51 mortar shells, 21 grenades and 43 mines uncovered in northern Sinai were meant to be smuggled to Hamas forces in the Gaza Strip.
Robert Spencer comments,
...imagine if all of the money and effort that has been poured into waging jihad against Israel had been spent on developing Palestinian-controlled areas. Those areas could resemble Monaco or Dubai. But the Palestinian leadership and their allies have opted to seethe in hatred, squalor, and perpetual warfare.
How can Western governments in general, and the Obama administration in particular, be so blind as to not see this?

Gaza was the perfect test case for Palestinians to prove they were ready for "the two state solution" which everyone seems to think is the best solution to peace in the mid-east--everyone but Muslim hardliners who want nothing less than Israel's destruction, that is.

And yet the Gaza experiment has failed miserably. The people elected a terrorist government which has spent so much of its money, not on the welfare of the Palestinian people, but on attacking Israel!

How can Israel be expected to support a two-state solution when Gaza has only turned out to be a base for attacking Israel?

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Brooks Lindsay said...

There's an extensive pro/con article on the two-state solution on Debatepedia. Might be worth a look.