Thursday, May 21, 2009

Enhanced interrogation techniques

Today Dick Cheney called on Barack Obama to release the documents on the results produced by the CIA's "enhanced interrogation" techniques. President Obama has released--for all of our enemies to see--the methods used, but he refuses to release documents containing information about what we learned from these methods.

For years the Left has dogmatically asserted that enhanced interrogation techniques absolultely, positively do not work! Now is their chance to prove their point once and for all. So why don't we hear from the Left--politicians, Hollywood elites, the liberal media, the ACLU--demanding that the administration release the documents to prove once and for all that enhanced interrogation methods do not work?

The answer is that the Left knows that if the CIA releases the results of the enhanced interrogation metionds, the Left's dogmatic propoganda will be shown to be nothing but a pack of lies! According to people in a position to know, these methods have saved hundreds, if not thousands of American lives and the Left does not want that inconvenient truth out.

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