Monday, May 11, 2009

Death count in Iraq?

One of the top stories today is about a soldier in Iraq who shot some fellow soldiers. I haven't heard much about killings in Iraq for months. Maybe this one made the news because it was an American who did the killing.

Remember how, during the Bush administration, the media fed us with a constant barrage of stories on the violence in Iraq including the death death count.

Have you noticed that this seems to have pretty much stopped under President Obama? Is that because there is no violence in Iraq any more or is it because the media was actively trying to undermine the Bush administration and affect the election?

Never mind. To ask the question is to answer it.


Jason said...

Better yet, how they aren't spinning the War in Afghanistan as a nightmare. Seems like all we hear about is how Obama is fighting for the people to make sweeping changes in Health Care, Credit Cards, and Anti-Trust. Yay! Obama is our hero!!

Talk about bias brainwashing.

Phil said...

Okay, I think you know full well what I think of Obama and ... to say my dog would have been a better President I think is an understatement....

However (yes, I know.. the "but" [or "however] negates everything previously said right), as far as the death count in Iraq, I want to say since 09 (maybe? I'd have to double check) the death count is down to double digits in Iraq instead of mid to high range triple digits. So, if I have my numbers right there MIGHT be a legitimate reason that the media isn't reporting on it (or it might be combo of legit and propaganda).