Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Colin Powell on the GOP

Colin Powell seems to think the GOP needs to move farther to the center.

With all due respect to General Powell, many people think that the reason the GOP lost the last election is because we selected a candidate who, if he was any more "center," would have been Democrat!


Jason said...

I'm not sure if I agree with that assessment. We lost the last election because of Bush, Obama was a much younger and more charismatic candidate, and because of the economy. Not to mention the heavy media onslaught on Palin and conservatives in general.

I think also McCain's campaign was sloppy, handled like a carbon copy of the Bush campaign, and sending mixed messages of Conservativism when he himself in past years wasn't that conservative.

As much as both ultra liberals and conservatives don't want to hear this, America appeals to more centrist leaning candidates. That's partially why Ronald Reagan was so popular, and also why Bill Clinton was so popular. For the most part, besides their usual bent they tried to move to the center as much as politically possible. I think McCain has this centrist appeal, but he didn't hone in on it because his campaign was trying to make him into another Bush.

With that said, I think Colin Powell is wrong. The Republican party needs to stick to its guns on Conservativism, but it also needs to allow its party members to be able to make decisions that might in certain situations not align exactly with the party. That's why McCain was appealing because he made his best judgments towards things rather than being a puppet in the grand scheme of the "master".

Jason said...

I like McCain. I follow him on Twitter and many of the things he says I think you would agree with and seem to very much align with Conservative political values. But I also admire that he is willing to make decisions that might not be within that realm if he feels they are the best solution. Even if I don't agree.

Anyway, just my thoughts.

St.Lee said...

Wait a minute ...are you telling me that McCain isn't a Democrat? How did I miss that?

Oh yeah, now I remember ....the way you can tell McCain is a Repuplican is by the way the media treated him AFTER he won the nomination!

BTW I noticed that I spelled Republican wrong in that last sentence, but after looking at it I decided it might be better than the correct spelling.