Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Abstinence education

According to OneNewsNow:
Irene Ericksen of the Institute for Research and Evaluation says that media reports continually claim that abstinence education is a failure and that comprehensive sex ed is the only way to reduce teen pregnancies and promote safe-sex practices. She adds that they continually site a federal study that is riddled with myths and did not find abstinence education effective.

"These same people aren't aware that there are 16 studies of comprehensive sex education programs in the schools," Ericksen points out. "Actually 64 percent of the studies that have been done of comprehensive sex ed in the schools have found that they have not been effective at increasing teen condom use."

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Jason said...

I was watching Meghan McCain on Colbert today talk about how "abstinence ed" isn't practical or realistic and that Republicans need to start appealing to more voters by abandoning abstinence ed.

I love how people's moral reasoning is completely pragmatic. "if it doesn't work, then lower your standards to make it work". But even like you stated the lie that abstinence only ed isn't working is ridiculous.

Even that aside, this idea that we need to just degrade our standards because it isn't "realistic" is the most foolish thing I have ever heard. It's like me giving up punishing my daughter because she doesn't understand what the word "no" means. I'll just lower my standards and let her do whatever she wants.

This "free sex" mentality we have in our society is destroying us from in the inside out. We throw a condom a teenager, then when they have a child anyway, we tell them to go have an abortion. We're no better than the Romans throwing our babies out on the streets because we don't want them anymore.