Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The wisdom in killing

Please read, "Harvard Muslim chaplain sees the wisdom in my killing." It is about the murder of Muslims who turn away from Islam. The chaplain is presumably a "moderate Muslim."

Although this Harvard chaplain is a U.S. citizen, I would suggest that any non-citizen who cannot strongly affirm the right of people to change their religion, should not even be allowed to enter America on a student or work visa!

What kind of religion is it that prescribes the death penalty for those who leave? Unfortunately, Islam is often the oppressor of Muslims! I strongly suspect that the threat of coercion, retaliation or even death is the only reason Muslims don't leave their religion in droves!


professor ed said...

It is an indisputable fact that folks who, for whatever reason, wish to leave the muslim faith face retaliation ranging from beatings to death. In my opinion the practice of the muslim religion by selected believers is no different than the various cults we have seen, and still see, in this country. How can any religion that forces its members to make a life-long commitment, claim they have their members well being at heart.

Dennis said...

I agree, professor ed. Even worse that cults, I really don't see any difference between this and the practice of the mafia or certain violent gangs!

I don't think anyone should be classified as a "moderate Muslim" who cannot condemn this practice.