Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Waterboarding saved lives

On Fox and Friends this morning Brian revealed that it was the building formerly known as "The Library Tower" which was the target of Al Qaeda's next planned attack.

This skyscraper is the tallest building west of Chicago and it was the waterboarding of the 911 mastermind that saved all the people in this building.

And now some Democrats want to prosecute the CIA officers and Bush administration officials responsible for saving all those lives.

Don't get me wrong. I am strongly opposed to the use of techniques like waterboarding as "fishing" expeditions just to see what some terrorist suspect may or may not know. But when it comes to a known terrorist leader, who we know to have information on plans to cause massive destruction of U.S. lives--waterboarding should be a possible option available to save those lives.

But Democrats would rather ensure the comfort of terrorist murderers than save thousands of innocent lives, like those in The Library Tower.

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