Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Republic of Texas?

After a TEA party today Texas Governor Rick Perry said,
"When we came into the union in 1845, one of the issues was that we would be able to leave if we decided to do that. My hope is that America and Washington in particular pays attention."
Barack Obama won't fight to keep Iran or North Korea from getting nuclear weapons. Would he fight to keep Texas in the Union?


Jason said...

He would be forced to make sure Texas was kept in the Union. Not doing so is political suicide. However, I feel as if he would deal with it less militarily and more diplomatically.

Plus, lets be honest, can Texas really afford to be away from the United States as an autonomous nation? Their economy and complete infrastructure would be shaken, if not crumble.

In the end, I'm pretty sure that Obama would use force to bring Texas back, but it would be the last possible option. He would never get reelected if he didn't.

professor ed said...

Dear Governor Perry: Your "bluster", and seriously that is all it is, shows a lack of histerical understanding of U.S. history. Technically (according to the Constitution) the action you propose has never been resolved. In reality, the course you suggest was forcefully put to rest in 1865.
Professor Ed
ameture historian and
Citizen of South Carolina

Dennis said...


Texas could drill, refine and sell oil to the U.S. so yes, I think they could make it. Not only that, if they taxed drug traffickers on their way to the U.S., Texas could soon be the most wealthy country in the world :-)

Professor ed: You've got a good point about 1865 but Obama is no Lincoln--and Obama came to power in no small part due to the anti-war crowd. I can't imagine that the anti-war crowd would support invading Dallas! :-)

Both you and Jason think Obama would send troops into Texas. I'm really not so sure. Jason said Obama would never get reelected if he didn't. I can't imagine that he would be re-elected if he did.

Can you imagine Americans voting for someone who will negotiate even to the point of letting Iran and North Korea get nuclear weapons--but would then send combat troops into Texas?

Can you imagine the nightmare of seeing Texans shot in the streets by U.S. troops on the nightly news?

But I guess the bottom line is the Professor ed is absolutely right about the governor's "bluster."

St.Lee said...

Professor Ed beat me to it, but if I am not mistaken, didn't all the original states come into the Union with the same understanding of the right to withdraw? It is just a crying shame that the states rights issue was put to the ultimate test over the despicable institution of slavery.

Montana has a similar clause allowing them to withdraw from the Union if the right to bear arms is ever taken away. Likely they will share a similar fate when it happens. Face it...the United States is nothing close to what the founders envisioned. More freedom than any other nation in the world, no doubt, but for how much longer?

Jason said...

You're making it sound way too easy. The secession of one state without retaliation by the Union would embolden other states that don't agree to do the same. Also, it furthers the idea that America is crumbling. Allowing a state to secede, much like in the Civil War, is unacceptable. Obama can't afford to look THAT weak. If it came to going to war with a seceded Texas, I'm positive he would do it. Texas would be portrayed as the evildoer and Obama would be hailed as the Lincoln 2.0 trying to keep the Union together. He would have unilateral support. He would win that war hands down and easily get re-elected. You're just seeing things through your bias.

Dennis said...

Jason, anyone who reads Recliner Commentaries regularly knows that I am always totally objective and never biased ;-)