Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Questions about torture

If you read only one article today, please read Dennis Prager's absolutely outstanding article, "Nine Questions the Left Needs to Answer about Torture."


Jason said...

I have a 10th question. How do you reconcile supporting the death of the unborn who apparently have no rights in your opinion, but are against the torture of TERRORISTS who have no rights?

Dennis said...

Good point. Our President, for example, doesn't mind partially removing a live baby from the mother's vagina so the doctor can scramble its brains. And he doesn't mind leaving a live baby alone to die in a cold stainless steel pan, but if you pour water over the head of a savage who orchestrated the slaughter of 3,000 people, his supporters want you to be prosecuted!

Dennis said...

And speaking of scrambling babies' brains: The Democrats have just approved Barack Obama's selection of a Health and Human Services Secretary who supports this procedure!

Sounds to me like it will soon become the Department of Death and Human Services