Monday, April 13, 2009

Pirates and the rescue of the captain

After thoroughly re-considering the issue, I have to conclude that administration was wrong to send the Navy Seals in to kill the pirates. We should have negotiated with them to find out in what ways America has wronged them which forced them to take the actions they did.

Then we could have, perhaps, provided significant cash intensives to make up for our intolerance and lack of cultural appreciation for the pirate way of life. After all, who are we to judge?

In fact, isn't the word "pirate" itself rather judgmental? Perhaps we should call them "sea-traders."

And the sea-traders we have captured, should, of course, be brought to America--not Gitmo!--and be provided the best legal defense that money can buy--at taxpayers expense, of course.

And the families of those who have been shot, should be allowed--also at American taxpayer expense--to sue the Navy, the President and Congress for allowing this cultural difference to escalate and get out of hand resulting in the loss of three brave sea-traders' lives.

Coming back to reality and in all seriousness: Kudos to the brave Navy Seals who rescued the captan!

I think we now need to consider bombing the homes of the thugs who finance these pirate operations. We should then make it widely known that we will blow any boat out of the water, which gets within a thousand yards of a merchant ship.

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professor ed said...

Back in the early 1800s the, then fledgling, US was forced to take military action against some "sea traders". Maybe it is time for history to kind of repeat itself.