Monday, April 06, 2009

Our deep appreciation for Islam

In Turkey President Obama said,
"We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over so many centuries to shape the world for the better, including my own country,"
Really? Is President Obama talking about the Islamic faith:

that calls Jews "apes" (Surah II.65)

that says "soon shall we cast terror into the hearts of unbelievers (Surah III. 151)

that says "Marry women of your choice, two, or three, or four (Surah IV.3)

that says "As regards your children's inheritance: to the male, a portion equal to that of two females (Surah IV.11; cf also Surah IV.176)

that says "If any of your women are guilty of lewdness, take the evidence of our reliable witnesses from amongst you against them; and if they testify, confine them to houses until death do claim them (Surah IV.15)

that says, "As to those women on whose part you fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them first, next refuse to share their beds, and last beat them (lightly) (Surah IV.34)

that says, "Let those fight in the cause of God" (Surah IV.74)

that says, "Those who believe fight in the case of God" (Surah IV.76)

that says, "Then fight in God's cause" (Surah IV.84)

that says, "But if they turn renegades [i.e. reject Islamic faith] seize them and slay them wherever you find them" (Surah IV.89)

that says, "For the unbelievers are unto you open enemies" (Surah IV.101)

that says, "As to the thief, male of female, cut off his or her hands" (Surah V.38)

that says, "O you who believe! Take not the Jews and Christians for your friends and protectors" (Surah V.51)

that says, "I will instil terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: Smite them above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them" (Surah VIII.12)

that says, "Against them make read your strength to the utmost of your power, including seeds of war, to strike terror into the hearts of the eneimes of God and your enemies" (Surah VIII.60)

that says, "O Apostle! [Muhammad] Rouse the believers to fight!" (Surah VIII.65)

that says, "But when the fobidden months are past, then fight and slay the pagans whereever you find them, and seize them, beleaguer them and lie in wait fo them in every stratagem of war" (Surah IX 5)

that says, "Fight those who believe not in God" (Surah IX.29)

that says, "O you who believe! Fight the unbelievers who gird you about" (Surah IX.123)

that says,, "Those who annoy God and his apostle--God has cursed them in this world and in the hereaftere, and has prepared for them a humiliating punihsment" (Surah XXXIII.57)

that says, "They shall have a curse on them: Wherever they are found, they shall be seized and slain (without mercy)" (Surah XXXIII.61).

that says, "But those who strive against our signs, to frustrate thenm--for such will be a penalty,--a punishment most humiliating" (Surah XXXIV.5, 38)

that says, "If two parties among the believers fall into a quarrel, make peace between them: but if one of them transgresses beyond the bounds against the other, then all of you fight against that one that transgresses until it complies with the command of God" (Surah XLIX.9).

that says, "Those who resist God and his apostle will be among those most humiliated" (Surah LVIII.20)

That conquered Arabia, Egypt, Lybia, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Armenia, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan by the edge of the sword all within about 25 years of Muhammad's death! And within about 100 years had forcibly spread Islam--by the edge of the sword--all the way from India to Spain! And, were it not for "Christian" Europe, would have contolled the world! Islam is one of the most imperialistic ideologies ever to exist on earth. Is that the Islam Obama is praising?

Or is Mr. Obama talking about the Islam of which Muhammad ordered the execution of people for no other reason than turning away from his new religion?

Or the Islam of which Muhammad slaughtered 600 innocent Jewish men and sold their wives and children into slavery?

Or is Obama talking about the Islam that kidnapped and enslaved innocent American sailors in early American history?

Or is it the Islam that motivated the slaugher of our marines in Lebanon, the bombing of the Khobar Towers, the destruction of the Twin Towers, or the endless shelling of innocent Israelis and persecution of Christians (and every other religion!) all over the world!

I can just hear the Islamic apologists responding by pointing out all the violence in the Old Testament--and that was truly terrible if you were a Caananite, a Jebusite, or a Hittite, etc. But whereas Christians and Jews believe that God had given the Jews the "Promised Land," Jews never used that as an excuse to try to conquer the world or to slaugher unbelievers just for being unbelievers!

Islamic apologists will then point out all the atrocities committed in the name of Christianity. The key phrase is "in the name of Christianity." Search the New Testament! These atrocities were usually committed in direct opposition to the teachings of Jesus! So-called "Muslim radicals" who commit atrocities are simply following the example and teachings of Muhammad himself.

For Obama to express "our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over so many centuries to shape the world for the better" may show that he is ignorant of history. It may show that he is strongly sympathetic to Islam. Or it may show that he is just living in fantasy-land.

Anyway you look at it, it is dangerous for America!

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Obama is shameful....