Thursday, April 02, 2009

Open government? More broken promises?

According to the Washington Times,
What's more, the president banned most reporters from nearly every event he held on a day heavy with bilateral talks with foreign leaders, and even held U.S. cameras at bay for his visit to Buckingham Palace to meet the queen.
What happened to the open government candidate Obama promised? More broken promises?

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professor ed said...

I am not completely sure why Commisar Obama is restricting press access. Is it because he is still terribly insecure when appearing at public events (maybe a more portable teleprompter would help). After all we have to remember the "extensive" record on which he ran for office is normally associate with someone running for Lt. Governor. Is his fear of the press caused by his desire to control anything/everything he can lay his hands on? Maybe once he achieved better control on folks salaries, as well as what our, momentarily, free press prints, he will be able to feel more "folksy" in public.