Thursday, April 16, 2009

A moderate Muslim voice of reason

From a recent MEMRI e-mail (Special Dispatch 2316, April 16, 2009):
Urdu – Pashtu Media Project Indian Muslim Writer: 'The Inability to Present
Islam as a Peaceful Religion is a Collective Failure of Global Muslim Communities…
Let Us Become Louder Than the Radical [Islamist] Voices That Claim to Represent

"Sincere moral outrage needs to be expressed at Taliban atrocities in Afghanistan
and Pakistan, political kidnappings and assassinations, militancy in Kashmir,
Shi'ite-Sunni killings in Iraq and Pakistan, fatwas that condone suicide bombings
in the Israel-Palestine conflict, and other such atrocities that [a]ffect innocent
lives. Muslims require an international consensus in combating extremism but
our credibility is lost when we demonstrate selective outrage – as in the aftermath
of the Danish cartoons."
Amen! The world needs to hear more--many, many more--moderate Muslim voices of reason like this one. They need to drown out the radicals so us non-Muslims can know that the radicals really do not represent modern Islam as a whole.

The Left tries to re-assure us of that; but when the silence of what is supposed to be the overwhelming majority of "moderate Muslims" is so deafening, it is really hard to be sure that the moderates are really not just passive puppets of the radicals. In that case, it really wouldn't matter how many moderates there are. All that matters is that the radicals would take over.

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