Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Israel and a nuclear Iran

Israel's new Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu said recently that if the United States did not stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, Israel may be forced to attack Iran (Jerusalem Post).

I don't think there is a chance in the world that President Obama will use force to stop Iran--and I have almost no confidence that he will be able to stop Iran without force. I am, therefore, relieved to see that there is at least one nation in this world--Israel--that has some backbone and common sense.

A nuclear Iran would not hesitate for a moment to use its nukes to force the West to capitulate to its demands. Compounding the dangerous situation with Iran is the fact that America is now ruled by Leftists who seem to think that Iran's leaders think like we do!

Netanyahu cited Teheran's tactics during its protracted war with Iraq in the 1980s as evidence of irrational behavior on the part of Iran. "[They] wasted over a million lives without batting an eyelash,"

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Jason said...

Here's the real question: Will Obama support Israel's attack against Iran? Probably not.