Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Immature and insecure

I'm 54 years old and have seen numerous administrations come and go, but I've never seen an administration that spent so much time criticizing their predecessors as the Obama administration. Not even close. It strikes me as immature, insecure, and completely unprofessional.


Linda Jones said...

I agree. Previous administrations left that job to the MSM. The remarks at the inauguration were especially tasteless, rude and indicative of the arrogance and inexperience of this new administration. However, the huge financial crisis which emerged at the tail end of the Bush years may be one of the reasons. It is time to move on.

professor ed said...

Dennis I agree Obama, and his administration, have continually behaved in an immature and insecure fashion. But what other choice does "the annointed one" have? His own experience/accomplishment prior to being elected to the highest office in our land, are miniscule at best. He continues to make errors of judgement/etiquette as he represents our nation (EG: bowing to a foreign leader). So to cover up his shallow, mistake-prone national and international behavior, he has no choice but to keep beating up on his predecessor.