Monday, April 13, 2009

Fascism on campus

This morning Fox and Friends reported that some colleges are now charging conservative clubs extra money (sometimes up to 3 times as much) for security when the clubs invite conservative speakers on campus. This is because it is so common for those on the Left to disrupt these events, sometimes violently.

The fact that colleges see the need to spend much more for security when conservatives come to campus demonstrates that there really is a serious threat to free speech by those on the Left.

What are these Leftists afraid of? Are they afraid that if conservative speakers actually get a fair hearing, students will realize how ideologically bankrupt the Left really is?

Maybe its time for college administrators who are genuinely liberal to start standing up for the free speech they pretend to advocate.

Maybe its time for some of these gutless college administrators to start expelling or prosecuting those on the Left who threaten free speech.

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