Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth day discrimination

I refuse to celebrate Earth day!

Because it is so "geocentric," Earth Day discriminates against other worthy planets like Venus or Mars or much bigger planets like Saturn and Jupiter. And the fact that we would focus solely on our Earth while ignoring the sun may even be solorphobic!

We could argue that Earth Day is different because there are no people in our solar system, but this line of thinking betrays a malignant anthrocentric ideology and is simply no excuse for discrimination against other planets.

It won't do to celebrate a Milky Way Day, because that discriminates against other galaxies (and other tasty candy bars).

I suppose we could celebrate "Universe Day," unless, of course, there are other parallel universes.

Since we can't know for sure whether other parallel universes exist we should probably play it safe and make sure we don't discriminate by just dropping the whole Earth Day idea.

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