Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DHS report on right wing extremism

Earlier, Recliner Commentaries linked to an article by Michele Malkin on a Department of Homeland Security report that warns against "right wing extremism" but makes it sound like right wing extremism is anything to the right of John McCain.

That report is so bad, so inflammatory and so threatening to the freedom of U.S. citizens, that even a "solidly liberal" Democratic Congressman, Bennie Thompson (D-MS), is demanding that the Homeland Security secretary explain "how this report ever got out of her office."

Ed Morrissey comments,
Thompson didn’t stop there. He wants an explanation of what “activities” Napolitano has planned with law enforcement officials to monitor legitimate public political activity, as promised at the end of the DHS report. He called himself “particularly struck” by this statement. And well he might; it promises to have government treat political discourse as a subversive activity.

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