Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A bloodless coup

Is America currently undergoing a bloodless coup? Sandy Rios thinks so. What do you think? Does she have a point or is she out to lunch?


trshev said...

Sad thing is, is that the Right would just love to do the same thing to the Left. But that would be justifiable I suppose. After 9/11 the whole world was behind us and the country was behind Bush. Even Russia and China and Cuba said, "Go get 'em Yanks".When Bush and his possee decided to attack Iraq unprovoked and on known to be false inteligence and push the patriot agenda over the top and try to rewrite the Constitution themselves, that was OK. Now the shoe is on the other foot and they are all crying up a storm. Losers.

Dennis said...

Ronald Reagan is reported to have said something like, "It's not that liberals don't know much, its just that what they know, just ain't so"

The left is apparently so bankrupt of ideas all they can do is keep repeating bald-faced lies! This idea that our attack on Iraq was unprovoked is nonsense. Even President Clinton felt the need on numerous occasions to respond to Iraq's numerous military provocations.

And the idea that we attacked Iraq on what was "known to be false evidence" is a despicable lie!

The left wants to have it both ways. On the one hand, they want to imagine President Bush as someone who was so utterly stupid he could barely tie his shoes by himself. But on the other hand, Mr. Bush was apparently so unbelievably brilliant he was able to fool our Congress (including our intelligence sub-committees), and all our allies intelligence agencies into thinking that Iraq had WMD! Amazing!

The irony is that there is plenty to be disgusted at President Bush about (like his support for the bailout!) without having to repeat liberal lies ad nauseaum.

trshev said...

Clinton responded a few times when Saddam left the no-fly zone. After Desert Storm,We had him trapped like a rat. He was a total non-threat to us at the time. The Bush family had a hardon for this guy because he ordered an asasination attempt on George the 1st. Blood is thicker than water and the fog of kinship clouded his decision over the American people.
I never said Bush was stupid. Nor am I on the left. Not on the right either. I am one of those most dreaded by both sides, an independent thinker exercising my right to do so. I have been told if I don't pick a side that I'm just sitting on the fence. I enjoy exploring both sides of the fence because there is green grass on both sides. A bit of mud and straw too that gets thrown back and forth ad nauseum.
I truly believe that Reagan will go down as a truly great president because of the disfunctionality of the country at the time. After the Kennedy-King shootings and the turbulance of the 60's and Viet Nam and Nixon, Ford and Carter administrations, He, thru his message of a new vibrant America and his ability to cause Americans to believe in the Country again, after so many people had been soured on the whole concept for a while, was exactly what a president should be about.
Nixon had his good points in promoting open relations with the Chinese, etc.
Yes, Bush was brilliant in being able to convince a few allies into dropping the ball in Afghanistan and turning toward Iraq. The people who attacked us were in Afghanistan. Saddam was a flea in the sand a thousand miles away. So the fact, not a liberal lie or conservative propaganda, is that in doing battle, you should keep your eye on the objective at hand. Yes, you have to cover your back and flanks, but don't turn your main force because of a very unsubstantial fake move from a very inconsequential turd in the outhouse.
The right is getting desparate now because they are falling behind. The left was getting nasty back when Newt Gingrich rallied the Republican Conservative agenda and they were gaining power. And so it goes, from the founding of our government to today, and long into the future I'd guess.
Supporting the bailout was wrong. So is Obama. We live in a capitalistic economy. If a company can't stay afloat, it should regroup or fold. It's happened before and if the market is really there for the product, some inspired American will use his ability to replace it. Like the drug dealers. Arrest one and there are ten more there behind him to start replacing the lost product.
America is a fascinating concept in the history of the world. Sometimes, "We the People",(our government), is wrong. Going into Iraq was wrong at the time.