Saturday, March 21, 2009

Now its sex with animals!

Regular readers of Recliner Commentaries may recall the report about the "Winter Wickedness" gathering in which sex with real animals was ruled out, but sex with partners dressed as animals was apparently OK.

Sex with real animals is apparently a much bigger problem than I realized. Fox news has a report of a homosexual man who had "been twice convicted of raping a young boy (question: why is someone like that ever allowed to see the light of day again)?

When he apparently didn't think he could get away with raping another young boy, he tied a dog--someone's pet--up to a tree, muzzled it, and raped the dog! According to the Fox article:

— FBI research on the backgrounds of serial sexual homicide perpetrators that uncovered high rates of sexual assault of animals;

— A report in the Journal of Forensic Psychiatry that said twenty percent of children who sexually abuse other children also have histories of sexually abusing animals; and

— A Utah State University study showing 37 percent of sexually violent juvenile offenders have a history of animal sexual assault.

Read the entire sickening report at Fox.

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