Sunday, March 01, 2009

Helping the backers of Hamas

Let me get this straight. The people of Gaza elect Hamas, a major terrorist organization to lead their government. Hamas then continually fires rockets at innocent Israelis for years until Israel finally has enough and hits back. Now the Obama administration wants to take 900 million dollars of your tax dollars to rebuild Gaza!

If we could have an election to decide whether that 900 million should go to rebuild Gaza, or to help out-of-work Americans, which do you think most Americans would vote for?

If the Obama administration actually thinks that 900 million will buy Muslim good will, they are even farther out to lunch than I feared. Since this money will be funneled through Fatah, my guess is that most Muslims in Gaza won't even have a clue that the money is coming from America! Our money will just look like it is coming from other concerned Muslims, building good will for Fatah, and freeing up Hamas to spend their money to continue their attacks against Israel!

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