Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Employee Free Choice Act

The Democrats will introduce the "Employee Free Choice Act" in Congress today. This Act will take away employees' right to a secret ballot when voting to unionize.

This, of course, will allow union bosses and their thugs to intimidate employees who don't want to be in a union.

Even though unions were part of the problem in the auto industry, Democrats are pushing this Act because unions exert political clout in favor of Democrats. For Democrats, the important question is not what's best for the country or for freedom, but what is best for Democrat power!

I've got an idea. How about an "American Free Choice Act" which would take away all American's right to a secret ballot. Then the Democrats could have their ACORN thugs intimidate people into voting Democrat!

To call this a "free choice" act sounds like some of the word-games Communists used to play in the former Soviet Union.

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Robert said...

It was my understanding that originally the ballot was made secret to prevent employer intimidation. Apparently that's not a concern now? I think we all know the truth and that it's about allowing unions to intimidate employees.