Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cap and trade: Hang on to your wallets!

Hang on to your wallets! The Obama administration is making plans to implement a wide-spread "cap and trade" policy which will dramatically lower and "cap" the amount of carbon emissions companies can put out. This means companies will have to spend millions or billions on new lower carbon emitting equipment. Before the election, Mr. Obama admitted that this would make utility costs skyrocket--but he doesn't care.

When utility fees go up, everything goes up! Walmart, Target, your grocery store, your drugstore--everyplace has to pay utilities, which means the price you pay not only for your utilities, but for everything goes up as well. Some companies won't be able to afford the changes and will just go out of business, which means more and more jobs lost.

It also means that more and more of America's share in the international marketplace will be gone as countries like India and China (with over 2 billion people) refuse to go along with such nonsense.

So at a time when more and more Americans are out of work, loosing their homes, or just having trouble making ends meet, our "compassionate" Democrats in Congress and the White House are planning to stick it to the American people big time, all for some questionable environmental theories on global warming!


Jason said...

Yeah but he is trying to offset that factor with the "Make Work Pay" system for low income families.

Also, you are forgetting the "Trade" aspect of this idea. That companies that don't have to work as hard to be "green" can trade their credits to other companies making revenue from the companies that need to lower their emissions.

It looks like the main industry that will be affected is Coal.

I'm not necessarily sure what I really think of this completely. They did this back in 1990 for SO2 emissions and apparently it was a big success and didn't cost nearly as much as everyone thought it was going to.

If anything it sure beats a straight up CAP Tax.

It sounds like too that even Democrats are wary of this plan especially with widespread job loss as it is. So, who knows if it'll even pass?

Anonymous said...

No matter what happens, the liberals find a way for it to fuel their agenda. If it's too hot, that's because of global warming. If it's too cold, it's because of global warming. If it's just right, you guessed it, that’s global warming. There are right wingers who can find a way to disagree with anything liberal (e.g. Rush Limbaugh), but the liberal takeover is astonishing. They run the freaking country, the mainstream media, the newspapers and Hollywood, yet still try to silence the last remaining glimmer of conservatism: Talk radio. When the congress actually holds a meeting on the senate floor to demonize a radio host (Limbaugh), I feel like I’m either in the twighlight zone or Soviet Russia. Why don’t they just have him killed or send him to the gulag while they’re at it; and that was while Bush was in office. They have even more power now that anointed one is in office.