Saturday, February 07, 2009

Senate votes for discrimination

The courts have ruled if colleges and universities allow various student groups to use their facilities, they cannot discriminate against religious groups using the same facilities.

This was apparently not good enough for someone who included a provision in the stimulus package which prohibits schools that accept money for the modernization of university facilities from receiving stimulus money.

Republican Senator Jim DeMint proposed an amendment to the bill that would have removed the discriminatory language. Pro-discrimination bigots in the Senate rejected the amendment by a vote of 43 to 54. (The article says the vote was 63 to 54 but the Senate website says it was 43 to 54).

Not surprisingly, the vote pretty much split on party lines. Almost all of those who voted against Religion were Democrats. Almost all who voted for Religion were Republicans.

I simply cannot understand why so many Christians vote for Democrats.

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