Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Proposition 8 and "tolerance"

You will recall that proposition 8 in California was a defense of traditional marriage. An article entitled "Chilling Free Speech" tells of how gay rights activists (opponents of Proposition 8) have created Google Maps with the names and addresses of those who supported traditional marriage. The article says,

The only point of identifying Proposition 8 supporters is to encourage people to harass them. And the tactic is working.

Opponents of traditional marriage have sent threatening emails and vandalized churches. They have forced supporters out of their jobs and boycotted their businesses. They’ve made abusive telephone calls and even threatened their neighbors with death. Hundreds of cases of harassment have been documented.

Remember how gay rights was supposed to be all about "tolerance?" Tolerance was was just a ruse used to get the camel's nose in the tent. The camel is now about to destroy the tent!

The article reminds us that "Seventy-odd years ago, Adolf Hitler turned loose his brown shirts on Germany. These vicious young thugs went street by street, seeking out Jews and communists and trade union leaders. They beat them up and destroyed their places of business."

That's tolerance, Leftist style. (hat tip: John W.)

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