Monday, February 09, 2009

President Obama's news conference

See Hugh Hewitt for a very short, "to-the-point" analysis of President Obama's news conference tonight.


Jason said...

Obama didn't say all Republicans didn't want to do anything. He said that there were some people (he never mentioned Republicans) who were philosophically against government intervention, and I have heard people (senators and congressman) who have said that we shouldn't be spending and intervening. The tax cuts are also a big indicator of that.

I don't see how that is such a "bald faced lie" when it's pretty obvious there are people out there who just don't agree with it. And lets be honest, who cares if they don't? That is their right and can stand firm at their belief.

I think Hewitt is just taking a knee jerk reaction to a fairly harmless attempt to try to clear the air over this three week debacle. I would rather the President at least talk to us than sit in the Oval office and say nothing.

professor ed said...

Regardless of what Obama attempted to convey, I, for one, feel the entire news conference was a charade. I have watched televised presidential news conferences since JFK. I have viewed both Democrats and Republicans. NEVER have I seen a press conference where the president comes in with a pre-determined list of who he is going to call on. To add insult to injury, all of those called upon were "moderate to Left" in their political stance (Huffington Post, Washington Post, etc.). At no time was a reporter allowed to ask a follow up question after B.O. had finished one of his lengthy responses. If this was considered an example of "open government" then Joseph Stalin was the founder of democracy in Europe!