Monday, February 02, 2009

Obama's 17 lies, er, exceptions

Barack Obama promised to change the way Washington works.

Barack Obama promised not to allow former lobbyists to work in his administration in post for which they once lobbied.

According to the Times of India (via Ed Morrissey), Barack Obama has already issued 17 exceptions to his promises in the first two weeks.

Cynics might call that 17 lies.

Ed Morrissey asks,
Why do we have to go to the Times of India to hear how many exceptions to this rule Obama has invoked? If the Bush administration had publicly imposed such a restriction on itself and then quietly ignored it, we’d hear endless editorials about Bush’s hypocrisy and the influence of the rich and powerful on his administration.
Good question.


Jason said...

I've seen some articles about it on, most particularly one by Campbell Brown, but I do agree that this should be front page news and they are treating a car wreck like a minor dent in the side door.

But, this is the reality of the situation, the media is in love with Obama and in no way are they going to betray him right away.

However, the people and the media are fickle. Nothing lasts forever. Four years is a long time and America has the tendency to turn on those they have elected.

professor ed said...

I agree with Jason. As we are all currently aware, Obama is still in his "honeymoon" chapteter of his presidency. At some point, this "honeymoon" will end (they all do, just the time frame varies). It will be interesting to see what happens then.

St.Lee said...

Jason, Professor Ed, I am not so sure that this is just another case of puppy love. This may be the real thing. A lifelong committed marriage between President Obama and the mainstream media ....and of course the media will play the part of the submissive wife....