Monday, February 23, 2009

Freedom of religion in Iraq

Bishops from both the Orthodox and Catholic Church recently met in Lebanon in a show of unity for the church in Iraq. NewsMax reports:

Iraqis massively fled Baghdad starting in 2004, when Muslim extremists began fire-bombing churches, kidnapping and murdering Christians, and demanding that Christians convert to Islam or pay the “jizya” – a Koranic protection tax imposed on non-Muslims.

Thousands of Christians in Baghdad and other major cities received letters slipped beneath their front doors warning them that failure to the jizya or convert to Islam was a crime punishable by death.

At least three hundred Iraqi Christians have been the victim of targeted killings by Muslim extremists since 2004. Most estimates agree that half of Iraq’s pre-war population of 1.4 million Christians have fled the country or have taken refuge in the Kurdish region to the north, where they are unable to work or settle permanently.

If we just replaced one repressive Iraqi government (Saddam Hussein's) with another one, all those Americans died for nothing, all because the Bush administration did not insist on an Iraqi government which would guarantee religious freedom for everyone. And the Obama administration is not above trampling religious freedom in America so they will certainly not fight for it in Iraq.

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