Tuesday, February 24, 2009

California's crisis

Below are some excepts from an outstanding article by James Lambert. When you get a chance, please take time to read the entire article at OneNewsNow:

California now "has a $42 billion deficit (through 2010)."

For many years, politics in California have been controlled by Democrats. They control the heavily populated cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Nothing can get done in state government without the consent of influential power brokers (i.e., government-worker labor unions, a variety of influential lobby groups) and Democratic legislative members in Sacramento.

Yet, they continue to support efforts to:

• Pay for the community college education of illegal aliens

• Pay for the (so-called emergency) health benefits of illegal aliens

Not verify citizen status of public school attendees -- giving free education tohundreds of thousands of illegal aliens around our state (costing close to $10,000 per year per student)

• Sponsor assistance programs for the indigent poor (programs we cannot afford)

• Pay for school lunch programs (again, that we cannot afford)

• Continue to pay retired state employees huge pensions (upward to 70%+ of annual income) many years into their retirement

• Pay for road improvement programs out of the general fund (instead of funds from the "gas tax," where these funds are supposed to be derived)

• Continue to reward ineptitude of the public school system instead of making educators accountable for poor results in their school districts

• Remain lax on certain types of criminal behavior in schools (i.e., marijuana on campus)

• Block off-shore drilling despite the fact there are huge oil reserves off California's shores (oil revenue would bring in good, high-paying jobs as well as much-needed state revenue)

It's a shame that the states that have carefully budgeted and lived within their means -- states like North Dakota -- are now paying for the wastefulness and rampant spending of states like California. Will we ever learn?

Maybe the question should be, "Will Democrats and "moderate Republicans" ever learn?"

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