Wednesday, February 11, 2009

100 lashes for a gang-raped woman

Dhimmi Watch reports:

The testimony of four male witnesses is the standard for establishing guilt in sexual offenses under Sharia law, per Qur'an 4:15, 24:4, 24:6, and 24:13. Four male Muslim witnesses who saw the act. The testimony of the woman involved is inadmissible. Therefore if those four male witnesses do not come forward and the victim becomes pregnant, her pregnancy becomes evidence that she has committed adultery.

This sentence is not something extreme. It's standard Islamic Sharia.

Under these standard Sharia rules, a woman in Saudi Arabia who was gang-raped, was sentenced to 100 lashes.

Muslims will riot by the thousands over one stupid cartoon. Where are the riots when a Muslim woman is so horribly abused, not only by Muslim criminals, but by the Muslim legal system which oppresses Muslims?

Maybe an even better question, is: Where is the liberal and feminist outrage over this atrocity? Apparently Leftists are only upset when America mistreats terrorists.


professor ed said...

And just think, this is the kind of "enlightened" law supposedly knowing-better civilized nations nations like Canada and the UK, want to allow into their legal system---DISGUSTING!!! SEE:

Dennis said...

Professor ed,

Excellent point! You're absolutely right. Its hard to understand. Its almost like some kind of collective insanity is spreading through the West.