Monday, January 19, 2009

The U.N's food for sex program

According to the Washington Times,
The United Nation's "sex-for-food" scandal continues to spread. As the human rights group Save the Children documents in a new report, U.N. peacekeepers in the war-torn, refugee-rich Liberia have been accused of selling food for sex from girls as young as 8. They are the latest victims in a growing tragedy that includes girls from Burundi, Ivory Coast, East Timor, Congo, Cambodia and Bosnia,
Please read the rest of this story, which is a infuriating as it is nauseating, at the Washington Times.

And according to the blog, "Atlas Shrugs"(which also documents previous abuses), "Obama wants to triple our taxpayer dollars to this house of depravity." It is simply beyond my comprehension how so many people can continue to express faith in this despicable criminal organization.

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