Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stimulating illegal immigration

According to Fox News,

Senate Republicans say they have found a provision in the $819 billion economic stimulus bill that could allow illegal immigrants to receive tax rebates.

In the version that passed the House Wednesday, eligible recipients would be allowed to use taxpayer identification numbers, which illegal aliens can obtain, instead of Social Security numbers, to identify themselves for the tax rebates.


Jason said...

That is ridiculous. Let's just start giving money to everyone while we're at it!

The term "American Citizen" means nothing.

Wouldn't it be better to just start taxing illegal's like the Roman's did to non-Roman citizens rather than give them money they have no right to?

I mean seriously. If illegal's can start getting the same stuff we can, why am I even a citizen? Why don't we just abolish citizenship all together?!

It's a joke.

Dennis said...

My guess is that abolishing citizenship is exactly what many on the Left would like.