Monday, January 19, 2009

Special interests and the stimulus

In a short, but insightful post, Hugh Hewitt analyzes the coming Democratic agenda:
Last week's unveiling of the House's ridiculous "stimulus" package that was a shopping list of goodies for Democratic special interests was another step backward for the president-elect. He has an opportunity to spend a near trillion dollars, and to fashion a lasting legacy in the first month of his Adminsitration with a coherent, focused program. But instead of a serious push in one direction such as a new power grid and the nuclear plants and wind turbines to operate it, Team Pelosi drafted a long list of payoffs to various ward bosses. Never would so much have been spent on so many projects with so little to show for it, except a message as to who was in charge. House Democrats clearly intended to tell the president-elect that they would be running the domestic agenda, thank you very much. And when he didn't push back, the president-elect certainly confirmed the impression that Speaker Pelosi is indeed running the legislative show.
Read the entire article on Townhall.

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