Wednesday, January 28, 2009


OK, enough break from election campaigning. Its time to look toward the future. Its time to drop the old guy (what was his name again?) and elect the first woman President of the United States. Its time to check out SarahPAC. Now that's change we can hope for :-)


Robert said...

While SP had a lot of good qualities, I think she needs time to "season." It was clear that the media rattled her in a few areas and she was effectively marginalized by the often brutal and personal attacks. In order to circumvent that in the future, she needs some time to become more acquainted with foreign leaders and policies in the future. She also needs time to develop a individual strategy that is separate from the failed McCain campaign.

I believe if she attempted to run in 2012, she would fail. The media is never going to give her the cover they gave an inexperienced jr. senator like BO. They love BO and it's only going to be more intense in 2012 once he actually does have some experience. I personally just don't think she's ready to take him on. Considering how the MSM is really part of the BO campaign, it's a mistake to simply try and gamble her popularity for at run at the whitehouse if she's not really, really prepared.

Last, I have some concerns based on what she said while campaigning as McCain's VP choice. Her speeches blaiming "wallstreet fatcats" for the economic circumstances concerns me greatly. It was government that caused the problem and government will only make it worse. Was she parroting McCain or was she giving her own opinion? If it's the latter, I don't think she'd have my vote for the primaries in 2012.

Jason said...

The Republicans need someone who can transcend the media machine and breakthrough even to moderates and liberals in 2012. Sarah Palin was a polarizing figure much like Hillary Clinton, except on the right.

If they actually choose her in 2012 as their candidate, Obama will win hands down.