Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Questions for President Obama

John Piper just published a blog on "Being Pro-Life under a Pro-Choice President." It is very short but has some outstanding questions for President Obama (hat tip: Kevin).

My respect for President Obama would increase significantly if he would at least attempt to give some honest answers to these questions, though I suspect there will be ice fishing in the netherworld before that happens.


Jason said...

Well, he pretty much answered our questions (or didn't answer them) at the Rick Warren political event last year by saying he wasn't qualified to make those judgments but wanted to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies.

That, to me, says a lot. It says, "I know you won't agree with me and no matter how much I argue you won't agree, and so I have to figure out some way to find common ground with you."

Whether or not that is common ground is....debatable if not laughable.

Sometimes I think the way we keep going from Democrat to Republican every 4 to 8 years that Christians need to rethink their strategy toward Abortion and start figuring out ways to hit hard at society, rather than just government.

Maybe we need to take a lesson from the Roman Christians who took in unwanted infants that were thrown out into the streets. Start spreading the message to churches to push for further adoption in Christian families, especially if we can get possible abortions averted through adoption. I dunno just thoughts. It makes it more complicated. But if we are really serious about fixing the abortion problem, we gotta attack from all sides, not just the political realm.

OK, I'm off my pedestal.

Dennis said...


I think we need to do both. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of pregnancy centers that provide help for women who choose to keep their babies. And regarding adoption: There is a huge waiting list of people who want to adopt babies--but not enough babies to adopt. They're being slaughtered!

So I agree with you that we need to address this issue from different angels, but in a civilized society, the murder of unborn babies should not be tolerated.