Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama, torture and terrorism

Special agent Johnson was listening in on a conversation between two high level Al Qaeda operatives on a legal wire tap. They were talking about a nuclear bomb that was in a shipping container in the New York City harbor. Ahmed said he had just armed the device and was on his way to a flight from New York to Pakistan. He said he had set the bomb to go off in three hours.

Agents picked Ahmed up at Kennedy International but he wasn't taking. Not even if it meant he would be in new York when the bomb went off. He said he loved death more than we love life.

Agents wanted to use waterboarding to get him to reveal the location of the bomb, but the Obama administration was clear. No torture in any form. Not even waterboarding. Not even to save a million innocent people in New York.

The story above is, of course, entirely fictional--except the part about the Obama administration more willing to see a million Americans incinerated than to waterboard a single terrorist. The Obama administration made it clear today that they would never waterboard terrorists under any circumstances. Democrats and Al Qaeda are very happy.

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