Monday, January 12, 2009

Obama can't keep promises

As Gretchen Carlson said this morning, BarackObama won the election on promises of change. Now, in a recent interview, Barack Obama admits that he will have to scale back on many of those promises.

When the seriousness of the economic crisis was first breaking someone asked Barack Obama how that would affect all his plans and promises. His answer? Not much.

Many on the right were incredulous. We tried to warn voters that there was absolutely no way Mr. Obama could do all he promised to do.

The Right was right.


Jason said...

No politician ever makes good on all his promises. That's just the facts of life. Republican or Democrat. If voters are too naive to see that then that is their problem.

But frankly, I am not surprised just as I wouldn't be surprised if McCain had to back out of his promises too.

Dennis said...

The difference is that even before the economic crisis, McCain said the government was spending too much and we needed to tighten out financial belts. Economic crisis or not--McCain was right. The economic crisis just made him more right.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, was promising everything to everyone at astronomical costs.

Mr. Obama couldn't have kept his promises even if there were no economic crisis. Everyone on the Right knew that.

Norma said...

The other day someone said to me Obama sounded just like Bush. I said, You mean the way he speaks? No, everything he proposes sounds like business as usual, he said. War, spending, etc.

I don't know whether to be reassured or frightened. He's just another pol, and we all know that type.