Sunday, January 11, 2009

Iran's nuclear facilities

This morning, Fox News is reporting that last year Israel requested bunker-buster bombs and other help from the United States for a plan to take out Iran's nuclear power plants. The Bush administration refused.

This may turn out to be the stupidest decision the Bush administration has ever made.


Jason said...

Bush opted for a covert sabotage plan, which, the Israeli's accepted. I don't see how this is such a bad idea? Just because they didn't go in with guns-a-blazing (or more aptly, bombs), doesn't mean that they can't stop Iran.

Let's face it, anymore attention on America about war, especially now with Iran, would have been disastrous even if it wasn't America that was raiding Iran, it still would have just been a bad idea.

Dennis said...

There are no good solutions to this problem--but to allow Iran to have nuclear weapons would be like giving nuclear weapons to Adolf Hitler. It's Nazi Germany on steroids!

I'm afraid I don't share your confidence in the ability of covert ops to solve this problem. I thought we'd been doing that for years.