Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hamas, Israel and the international community

Please take time to read Mona Charen's brief, but excellent article on Hamas, Israel and the international community.

She talks about how former President and Nobel laureate Jimmy Carter met with Hamas in Syria, but later, when Hamas pounded innocent Jewish civilians with 4,000 rockets (since 2005), he was silent, as were the rest of the world's leaders.

Ms. Charen talks about how, Hamas held a huge ralley in Gaza City with video links to Damascus where Carter was meeting with Hamas leaders. In this ralley of more than 300,000 people, Hamas promised "more terror and violence toward Israel in the name of Allah." They also had a skit mocking the Israeli soldier they had kidnapped crying, "I miss my Mommy and Daddy." The international community was silent.

In 2005 Israel--desperately seeking peace--uprooted Jewish settlers in Gaza and completely pulled out of the region. Rather than taking the opportunity to build their own society and to seek peace, the Muslim people of Gaza elected Hamas to run their government and continue its attempt to slaugher innocent Jews in Israel! The Hamas government then poured millions of dollars into weapons against Israel rather than using the money to help their own people.

As Charen points out, Hamas is committed "to Israel's violent destruction." They continually launch missiles on Israeli schools and homes, and they do so using their own civilian population as human shields! And the international community is silent--until Israel defends itself.

If you want an example of evil, its hard to find a much better example than Hamas. What does that make the international community that defends Hamas?

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