Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Expectations for the Obama administration

I was listening to Jason Lewis on the radio yesterday. He asked his listeners to call in to talk about what they expect will happen under an Obama administration—not what they want to happen, nor what they fear will happen, but what they actually expect to happen.

I didn’t call in to the program but I thought I would take up the challenge. It will be interested to look back four years from now to see to what degree my expectations came to pass. What follows is what I expect will happen in the next four years:

ENDA (Employment Non-discrimination Act) will pass in its current, revised form which provides exemption for religious institutions (my fear is that Congress will return it to its original form which provided only very limited protection for religious institutions).

The Defense of Marriage Act will be overturned which, as I understand it, will force all states to recognize same-sex marriages performed in states in which same-sex marriage has been legalized.

The military policy of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” instituted by President Bill Clinton will be overturned making homosexual behavior acceptable in the military.

Some form of hate crimes legislation will pass and will begin to have a chilling effect on free speech as frivolous lawsuits cause people to self-censor their opposition to homosexuality out of fear of being sued.

Virtually all restrictions on the abortion industry will be overturned.

The abortion industry will get more and more of your tax dollars.

There will be a push toward national health care (toward more socialized medicine). Economic realities will make what would have been a done deal in a Democratic Congress, harder to pass but there will be some move in that direction anyway.

The massive bailout bill will pass and may have some initial positive effect on the economy, but will ultimately result in significant inflation down the road (but possibly not until after President Obama’s first term).

A significant part of the bailout will go to Democratic special interests rather than serious investments or infrastructure improvements.

Supreme Court justices John Paul Stevens (88 years old) and Ruth Bader Ginsburg (75) will resign from the court (or die of old age) some time during the next four years. They will be replaced by liberal judges.

The U.S. will pull out of Iraq some time before the next election, but probably not before 2011, not nearly fast enough to satisfy the radical anti-war crowd.

Republican opposition to the Democratic agenda in Congress will be verbal, but RINO’s will make Democratic control virtually absolute and often even filibuster-proof.

Global warming will be accepted as undisputed scientific fact and significant regulations will follow.

Policies regarding global warming, national health care, environmental protection etc. will significantly increase the size of government and its control over American’s lives.

Some Democrats in Congress will try (and fail) to censor conservative talk radio with their Orwellian “fairness doctrine.”

Coal, nuclear, hydroelectric and drilling for oil in ANWR and offshore will not seriously be pursued as energy sources.

The push to secure our border with Mexico will pretty much fizzle out.

Iran will continue its development of medium to long range missiles and nuclear weapons. President Obama and the Democrats will respond with negotiation, tough rhetoric and sanctions but in the end, they will allow Iran to have nuclear weapons (On the other hand, Israel may take out those nuclear weapons which will not bring praise or support from the Obama administration and may even bring condemnation).

The Defense budget will begin to be whittled down to provide money to fund Democratic social programs.

In President Obama’s efforts to cozy up to Middle Eastern Muslim countries, the U.S. relationship to Israel will cool as the U.S. begins distancing itself from Israel.

The Democrats will use our tax dollars to help rebuild Gaza even if Gaza continues to be under the control of Hamas.

President Obama will close the terrorist detention center at Gitmo and relocate the terrorists to U.S. prisons and the U.S. justice system. This will put a significant strain on an already overburdened justice system and may even cause significant threats to national security as the terrorist’s lawyers play the system for all its worth.

“Torture” will be more broadly defined and our intelligence capabilities will be hampered by new regulations designed to protect terrorists from aggressive interrogation.

The Obama administration will not be able to keep us safe from another significant terrorist attack.


Kevin said...

Good well thought out post. I have not thought about it as much, so I'll only start with one expectation:

Joe Biden will stick his foot in his mouth and make the US look like fools.


Jason said...

To be honest, the lynch pin on Obama's presidency (I believe) will be this massive stimulus and job plan he is backing. If it proves a failure without any sign of progress, he'll be in deep water and the Republicans in 2012 will unleash on him (if they can get the right candidate by then).

I expect that there will be an effort to stop pork barrel spending.

He'll try to push for more transparency with bills going through congress.

He'll basically throw every benefit in the book for the middle class while regulating wall street and big business.

He'll drown in his dove slant on foreign policy and pull a Clinton by hiding any major foreign policy action.

Phil said...

If memory serves me, after the fiasco of a bill they passed in July/August that "prevented" the US's default (which resulted in lowering our credit rating), they cut military spending to be able to continue to fund social progams. I might have misheard but I am pretty sure the military funding has been cut. Aside from commentary I've listened to on Rush, Beck, and Hannity all they talk about in my Guard unit is the lack of funding for this next year.